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Food and Wine Pairing Seminar
by Chef and Wine Expert
Connie Ruel

In this hands-on tasting seminar, you will learn how various herbs and food ingredients influence the taste of your food preparations and how different wines will pair .

In addition to wine tasting tips, Connie will walk you through the process
she uses to select herbs and spices to augment her food compositions and
the wines she wants to pair with to create fine dining experiences.

The seminar starts at 1:30 PM and finishes at 3:30PM on Sunday April 25 Tickets are $25 per person including tax Includes wine education, six wines to taste, and food components to taste.

For Covid health purposes:

All Kingman Servers wear face masks The health of all Kingman staff is monitored All surfaces are sanitized before use Social distancing is established throughout our tasting room

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