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These unique Colorado wine pairings have been created by Brenda Rumery for Kingman Estates Winery.

A little about Brenda:

One day talking with family and friends about traveling: someone turned to me and stated, “You remember where you have been by what you ate. “ I realized they were right! From a crusty roll bought on the beach in Mazatlan when I was 8 years old to breakfast sausage in England (awful by the way) when I was in my 20’s, to wonderful meals I share with dear ones, that is what I remember. I also worked on a truck farm for 6 years selling fresh fruit and vegetables, hearing from customers many different ways they made their goodies; and in a spice shop for 2 years where I expanded my knowledge so much about flavors, smells and taste.

Food, second to my family, makes me happy, you will find me in the kitchen, reading, experimenting, eating and drinking.

Select one of the following wines for great recipes and food pairings: